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Local governments are under increasing pressure to raise revenues. Property tax is often the prime target of local taxing authorities in response to this pressure. This results in property tax becoming a larger and larger cost of doing business.

Your business doesn't have to be a willing victim to rising property taxes. Property taxes are not static, and assessments are not fixed. By reviewing your real and personal property assessment, CFG Consulting can reveal new strategies to reduce your property tax burden and save significant money for your company. Our property tax professionals perform a comprehensive review of the real and personal property taxes assessed by taxing authorities. We focus on identifying opportunities for reducing both real and personal property tax assessments. And, we partner with you to review your entire portfolio of properties or individual properties of concern to you.

Property taxes could be unjustifiably high for a variety of reasons:

  • Assessments based on mass appraisal techniques that ignore the particular facts and circumstances of individual properties.
  • Failure to consider depreciation, functional and economic obsolescence, changes in the way the property is used and other factors that affect value.
  • Improper classification of property: real versus personal, building versus equipment, short-life versus long-life equipment.
  • Double taxation resulting from assets being taxed as both real and personal property
  • Inequities in tax assessments for comparable properties in the same tax district

A comprehensive examination of your company's real and personal property tax position can help you pinpoint potential savings and tax exposures. Even companies that initially believed their assessments were accurate have "found money" as a result of this highly effective review.

Ours Services Include:

—►A review of your personal property tax returns, tax bills and supporting documentation to determine potential tax savings
—►Identification of functional and economic obsolescence.
—►Reclassification and reappraisal of real and personal property.
—►Analysis of market conditions and inequities in assessments for comparable properties.
—►Manage personal property tax audits and property tax appeals

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