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Is your company taking maximum advantage of the billions of dollars in economic incentives available each year? Properly pursued, these incentives can significantly improve your company's ability to make new investments and enhance your competitive position in today's global economy. Unfortunately, most companies never realize the full potential of these programs. CFG Consulting, Inc. specializes in helping identify and secure these incentives for maximum results. In today's competitive world, every company needs a strategy for pursuing these incentives. Chances are your competitors do.

Only a portion of the billions of dollars in federal, state and local financial incentives and tax credits offered each year are documented by companies and businesses. CFG Consulting, Inc. has earned its reputation by successfully navigating the often ambiguous recesses of the laws and bureaucracies which control taxation. When you hire CFG Consulting, you’re getting the specialized expertise of a regional auditing firm with national capabilities. We continually review federal, state and local laws, statutes and regulations seeking out every available method to insure that you pay no more than you owe. We scrutinize your financial records in minute detail, seeking out telltale signs of lost profit.

Once we have pinpointed the areas in which you are losing profit we bring our considerable resources to hear on your behalf. We handle all the administrative details necessary to reclaim the profits you are due. At the conclusion of our review we discuss our findings with your personnel to streamline your financial operational efficiencies to help you in your efforts to work smarter not harder.

Why companies outsource

The process of identifying government incentives has become increasingly complex and so specialized that most major firms outsource this activity, and in doing so:

Increase incentive potential
Increase value of incentive awards
Significantly reduce costs
Maintain focus of organization


Types of Incentives

While government incentive programs are constantly evolving and vary significantly by region and country, some commonly available incentives include:

  • Cash grants
  • New employment incentives
  • Wage subsidies
  • Training grants
  • New investment incentives
  • Property tax reductions
  • Income and sales tax reductions
  • Infrastructure improvement grants
  • Environmental cleanup grants
  • Utility rate reductions
  • Low-cost financing
  • Research and development tax credits and grants

Incentive Service Phases

Incentives Review “Review”
CFG Consulting has developed a comprehensive process to identify business incentives. The Review is a phased approach which is specially designed for large corporations. CFG Consulting will require minimum amount of participation from client staff. The following details the four phases:

Let us do the work.

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